3 Secrets of Multi-Channel Marketing + Increasing Revenue per Email


This week we cover lessons from Groupon’s strategy for increasing revenue per email. 
These tips are perfect for organizations with large transactional email volume who depend on email marketing to drive traffic and sales. Read on the learn about industry best practices to lower send cost, improve deliverability and increase revenue per email. 

Executing a multichannel strategy is more necessarynow than ever before. Market changes have evolved fasted with social and mobile. The top 3 challenges to address are :

  1. Trends and Changes- Internet trends and changes (ISP changes like Gmail introducing tabs in 2013, CASL 2014
  2. Mobile Commerce- set to make up 29% of web sales this year and today nearly half of all email is opened on a mobile device 
  3. Marketing Fatigue- Customers eventually begin to ignore due to excess marketing ads (i.e. The Law of Shitty Clickthroughs

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What are the 3 Secrets?

Of course there are other best-practices for scaling multi-channel campaigns and addressing the big three challenges. The ones we cover here are:

( #1 ) Developing email solutions in-house: Nearly all large-volume senders pay ESP vendors on a CPM model, essentially trusting their most valuable asset — their email list — to a third party sender. Nearly all large-volume senders pay ESP vendors on a CPM model, essentially trusting their most valuable asset — their email list — to a third party sender

( #2 ) Optimize deliverability: Certification, monitoring solutions and customized consulting may sound excessive, especially since email is only one acquisition channel within a marketing mix — but for volume senders, like Groupon, even a 6% difference in CTR is extremely valuable.

  What impacts deliverability?

  • ISP throttling (delivery speeds were slowed down by receiving servers)
  • Delivery performance per IP address and per location in the world
  • Send speed times
  • Optimizing for inbox placement between 6 and 9am locally across the world

( #3 ) Invest in multi channel marketing:

  Make customers feel recognized with relevant content and experiences

  • Markets categories of deals rather than just one per email
  • Reward loyalty within transactional emails

  Coordinate communication across channels, devices, and activities

  • Map the buying experience across all channels
  • Use customer data to deploy triggered campaigns across email, mobile push and SMS

  Real-time responsiveness

  • Provide transparent, helpful and authentic support through all channels

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