e-Receipts Empowering Brands to Personalize the Shopping Experience

Marketing Tech Talk #7

Every day consumers walk in and out of stores to make a purchase, and more often than not, retailers have no idea who made the purchase or how to reach them, especially if they have not registered for a loyalty card. One popular solution for retailers is to use e-Receipts, which are digital proof-of-purchase documents sent to a buyer’s email account. When executed strategically, an e-Receipt is more than just a proof-of-purchase, it is a valuable touch point and opportunity to engage customers and drive repeat purchases. Many merchants want to offer transactional email marketing, but cannot due to POS constraints.

Today’s podcast will seek to answer the question

“What do I need to know to launch a successful e-Receipts program, in terms of difficulty time, resources?”

Nicholas Wiktorczyk and Vincent Panepinto from Spently share e-Receipt expertise

In this 30-minute podcast, Marketing Tech Talk host Jeff Rice will discuss why e-Receipts are so effective, uncover the challenges to execute, and share best practices in design. To help him are guests Nicholas Wiktorczyk and Vincent Panepinto of Spently. This episode will spotlight their entrepreneurial spirit and experience in helping retailers’ better server their shoppers with e-Receipts. Continuing the conversation with customers after the sale, and providing a positive experience is the driving force behind Nick and Vince’s success. In this program, we explore the

  • Purchasing cycle for online and brick and mortar retailers < 4:43 >

  • Green benefits of e-Receipts < 7:42 >

  • Challenges to execute e-Receipts for brands < 9:57 >

  • Best practices in crafting enhanced e-Receipts <17:07> (responsive design, social links, surveys, loyalty programs, and cross-selling opportunities)

  • Thoughts on the future of retail < 23:22 >

Listen or download the entire interview now. The podcast is 30 minutes long, the perfect length to listen to during your morning or evening commute.

Additional resources:

Guest biographies

Nicholas Wiktorczyk – Co-Founder of Spently

Natural leader managing operations and strategic growth within partner channels. He is an ambitious problem solver that conceptualizes what needs to get done and organizes himself and others to achieve it.

Vincent Panepinto – Co-Founder of Spently

Impassioned entrepreneur overseeing Spently’s strategic vision and business growth in enterprise markets. He makes a distinction between today’s situation and the gap from ideal – then identifies specific actions and resources that exceed client expectations.

Marketing Tech Talk podcast series:

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W. Jeffrey Rice, Brick Street Software W. Jeffrey Rice, Director of Marketing Strategy is responsible for sharing Brick Street Software’s brand through positive and helpful interactions with customers and the marketing and IT community. His eclectic background, ranging from sports entertainment to a leading global manufacturer has allowed him to excel at collaborating with cross-functional teams to successfully commute objectives, draw out subject matter expertise, and drive effective campaigns.

Jeff previously held the position of Sr. Research Analyst at MarketingSherpa. He examined email and mobile marketing’s best practices and authored a number of influential publications on the topic, including the 2012 Email Handbook and The Email Benchmark Report. Rice’s work has been cited in online publications including Forbes, HubSpot and Independent Retailer. In addition, Jeff has conducted live full-day strategic email certification classes with marketers from AT&T to Yamaha at the ESP User Conferences, Email Summits, and regional workshops.

Jeff holds a B.S. in Sports Management from Springfield College, and an MBA from Anna Maria College. Springfield College’s deep-seated humanics philosophy helped hone Jeff’s aptitude for teamwork and service.

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