Get ready to storm the CASL!

The clock is ticking down to July 1, 2014, when CASL – Canada’s Anti-Spam Law – goes into effect. Although the law was written to govern commercial electronic messaging in Canada, U.S. emailers must get on top of the law quickly to avoid legal action and penalties. Why? Because CASL applies to any electronic message […]

e-Receipts Empowering Brands to Personalize the Shopping Experience

Marketing Tech Talk #7 Every day consumers walk in and out of stores to make a purchase, and more often than not, retailers have no idea who made the purchase or how to reach them, especially if they have not registered for a loyalty card. One popular solution for retailers is to use e-Receipts, which […]

PODCAST: Mobile Optimization Strategies

Marketing Tech Talk #6 Optimize Your Digital Channels for the Mobile Moment As marketing technologists and as users of mobile devices, we are well aware of how integral smartphones and tablets are to our daily lives. Yet the “2013 State of Email Mobile-Friendliness” reported that only 12% of B2C brands use responsive email design, and a mere 10% use mobile-aware […]

Mobile App on pace for success with multichannel marketing

The Boston Marathon is just 19 days away, and the event’s directors are sharing a new mobile app with an excellent chance of beating the “one-and-done” curse. You know, when users download the app and either never activate it or use it once and then never again. The Boston Marathon World Run (iPhone/iPad/Android) is a handy […]

PODCAST: Laura Atkins shares email deliverability insights from M3AAWG

Marketing Tech Talk #4 Email deliverability a hot topic for digital marketers It seems when it comes to email marketing the first issue discussed is relevancy, and the second is deliverability. Making it to the inbox involves a complex set of issues, and is a perennial challenge for email marketers. A recent “Email Marketing Benchmark Summary […]