14 reasons for marketers to fall in love with e-Receipts

e-Receipts are more than a passing crush

The popularity of e-Receipts has bloomed since being introduced by Apple in 2005. Fueling e-Receipts’ growth is:

  • Consumers’ craving for mobile device utility
  • Transactional emails’ successful track record
  • Technological advances by ESPs to make execution easy

This past holiday season, more retailers adopted e-Receipts, including brands such as Best Buy, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Home Depot, and Macy’s.

If your organization does not use e-Receipts at this time, and you’ve made it a goal to launch a program this year, here are fourteen transactional email statistics to support your business case to start an e-Receipt program.

Data shows that transactional emails

  • Have open rates as high as 75%1
  • Register an average of a 39% open rate and a 22% clickthrough rate2
  • Have 14% higher click-through rates versus commercial emails3
  • With cross-sell opportunities included, generated better results than e-Receipts without promotional copy:
    • Up to 600% increase in clicks (0.18% basic to 1.26% enhanced)
    • Up to 125% increase in transactions (0.04% basic to 0.09% enhanced)
    • Up to 360% increase in revenue per email ($0.05 basic to $0.23 enhanced)4

Consumers endorse e-receipts

  • 33% of marketers report that more than 25% of their customers are willing to provide their email address at point of sale5
  • 57% of consumers surveyed have a positive view of marketing content in transactional emails6

Marketers are responding

  • 53% of marketers say they have an excellent understanding of customers’ purchase history7
  • 41% of marketers recognize email as a very effective tactic for completing post-sales transaction goals8
  • 48% of organizations deploy automated transactional email messages9
  • 51% of B2C use email to compete post-sale transactions10
  • 35% of retailers offer digital receipts11
  • Of those retailers offering e-Receipt programs 83% offer them for email acquisition12

Bottom line results

  • Revenue per email of $0.13 for e-Receipts compared to $0.09 for bulk mailings demonstrates good potential to generate repeat purchases.13
  • Retailers with up-sells in e-Receipts created 6x times higher transaction rates and 8x higher revenue per email compared with bulk mailings14

Please keep in mind, e-Receipts are not just for e-commerce sites and big box retailers. Brick Street’s clients have used this strategy to communicate ATM withdrawals via email and SMS, as well as account statement e-mails from Utility, Telecom, and Financial institutions. To learn how your organization can capitalize on this trend, download our whitepaper.


Summary: In less time than a coffee run, you can learn a four step process to generate more revenue and customer loyalty through transactional emails. In addition, the 19-page report provides answers to the following questions:

  • What are the differences between transactional emails and commercial messages? pg.5
  • What are the technical requirements for executing a transactional email program? pg.11
  • How do I comply with the U.S. CAN-SPAM Act? pg.15
  • How do I keep communications relevant without abusing the trust I have earned? pg.15
  • How do I maximize the impact of my transactional email-marketing program? pg.16

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