RESEARCH: Marketing Strategy Outlook Report

Summary: Brick Street Software is pleased present the Marketing Strategy Outlook Report.  The research was conducted by Ascend2 and includes: • 22 charts and tables • 456 executives and marketing practitioners were surveyed • Top marketing challenges for 2013 • Broken down by sales channel, company size and strategy performance

John Caldwell, Principal & Founder of Red Pill Email

Achieved top 5 overall ranking in Red Pill Email’s 2013 Email Vendor Guide for Mid-Market & Enterprise Email Marketing Providers

CASE STUDY: Helping a Top Global Bank Tame Cross Channel Messaging

Summary: Learn how a top five global bank overcame significant challenges in communicating with its customers. By changing its messaging solution from a variety of in-house and vendor solutions to a single multichannel platform, the financial institution was better able to utilize its existing communication channels, deliver consistent messages and increase its overall campaign effectiveness […]

SPECIAL REPORT: Driving customer engagement in a cross-channel world

Summary: Learn five key principles to meet the increasingly complex needs of enterprise-level marketers to share dynamic content with an ever-more connected, yet easily distracted customer base. This paper will outline the advanced technical requirements of a multichannel messaging platform to deliver millions, if not billions, of personal, relevant, and timely customer communications each year, […]

Senior Consultant, Global Software Delivery

From a technical perspective, CONNECT is best-in-class as compared to most of the competitors. I have yet to see single solution that does multichannel the way CONNECT does.