EMAIL WHITEPAPER: Make a splash with every message, even the mundane


Did you know that a survey by Millward Brown Digital of more than 1,500 mobile device users in eight countries found mobile consumers feel like this?

  • 68% of respondents find push and text messages to be valuable
  • 88% believe they should have an option to opt-in to communications
  • 80% of worldwide mobile app users want location-based messaging
  • 59% prefer to receive an offer or coupon via SMS or push
  • 57% feel SMS or push notifications drive their purchase decision

That is great news right? Especially when combined with Econsultancy’s “2013 State of Integrated Marketing report that found 68% of U.S.-based e-business managers say that their company desires a vision for a consistent, non-fragmented, cross-channel experience.

Unfortunately, only 29% of those same e-business managers feel they have the ability to follow through. This makes it one of marketers’ biggest dilemmas, leading them to ask the question:

How do I consistently engage my customers in authentic, contextual, and relevant conversations across a variety of digital devices that meet the individual’s expectations for appropriateness, security, and transparency?

For organization to build truly long-term relationships, brands must be present at every moment there is an opportunity to serve its community stakeholders. To help you meet and exceed the expectations set by today’s marketing and technology-savvy consumer, we’ve written a 27-page paper titled “Make a Splash with Every Message, Even the Mundane.” Inside we share five key steps to engage and enchant customers at every step in the path to purchase.

1. Content generation
2. Real-time data synchronization
3. Segmentation and prioritization
4. Automation across all channels
5. Campaign optimization

As well as six digital message examples, three research charts and much more!

Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous. – Bill Moyers

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