PODCAST: Confessions from a “Storytelling Data Geek”

As marketing professionals, we are all “Storytelling Data Geeks.”

Marketing technology and consumer data are at the center of an organization’s storytelling strategy to build and maintain customer relationships. Unfortunately, Forrester’s “The CMO and CIO Must Accelerate on Their Path to Better Collaboration” report found that less than half of marketers surveyed (45%) said their organizations have established a marketing technology strategy, compared to 61% of IT leaders. With the abundance of communication channels, technology is critical for collecting and filtering the data needed to have a single view of the customer. Marketers have always been great storytellers, but the importance of data analysis has quickly become a pillar of a marketer’s knowledge base. In fact, Beth Comstock, CMO of GE, recently said,

If you came into marketing because you didn’t like numbers, then you don’t have much of a future.

To thrive in today’s always on-always connected society, marketing executives, managers, and associates will have to continue to collaborate with IT departments, close communication gaps, and learn new analytical skills.

Nevertheless, where do marketing professionals start?

To answer that question, we sat down with Meghan Lockwood, Marketing Manager at TribalVision. The discussion focused on the skills and strategies needed for organizations to be successful in capitalizing on technology and relevant data to convert prospects to customers. Meghan is a self-professed “storyteller” and “data geek”, and her professional background is proof-positive. She currently acts as an outsourced CMO for small to medium companies with TribalVision, and previously conducted research for HubSpot and MarketingSherpa. She is the primary author of several books, e-books, and whitepapers on website optimization and inbound marketing. You will find her frequently speaking at industry conferences and webinars. Among the intriguing things she shared:

  • Technology has allowed marketing to be measurable through data analysis
  • Technology has changed business, making the convergence of marketing and IT essential
  • Data analysis reveals how marketers can best serve customers’ specific challenges and build authentic relationships. The content and messages developed focus on what the reader cares about, not you.

She also suggested a simple exercise. Print out your website’s home page and highlight every time you see the word “we.” The less yellow you see, the better your website. Click here to listen to 28-minute podcast.


Guest: Meghan Lockwood, TribalVision

Meghan is one of two Marketing Managers at TribalVision responsible for implementing its end-to-end marketing plans for its client accounts. A relative newcomer to the TribalVision team, she joins with over 10 years’ experience working with business owners and C-level executives, and counts Merrill Lynch, Accenture, Duke University, and Trusted Advisor as past clients. Considered a marketing thought leader, she has written over 15 research reports, ebooks and whitepapers on marketing and her research, including the 2013 State of Inbound Marketing and the 2012 Website Optimization Benchmark Report has been cited by more than 500 publications and industry blogs. She is a frequent speaker and panelist at industry conferences and webinars. Meghan’s love affair with marketing began while publishing her mother’s book, Major League Bride, and continued at MarketingSherpa, where she managed the website optimization research cycle. From there she spent a year on the cutting edge of online marketing as a Senior Content Strategist at HubSpot in charge of Long-Term Research and Customer Relationships. She has also seen first-hand how content strategy can deliver results- to the tune of 70,000 new sales leads each month if done right.

Host: W. Jeffrey Rice, Brick Street Software

W. Jeffrey Rice, Director of Marketing Strategy is responsible for sharing Brick Street Software’s brand through positive and helpful interactions with customers and the marketing and IT community. His eclectic background, ranging from sports entertainment to a leading global manufacturer has allowed him to excel at collaborating with cross-functional teams to successfully commute objectives, draw out subject matter expertise, and drive effective campaigns. Jeff previously held the position of Sr. Research Analyst at MarketingSherpa. He examined email and mobile marketing’s best practices and authored a number of influential publications on the topic, including the 2012 Email Handbook and The Email Benchmark Report. Rice’s work has been cited in online publications including Forbes, HubSpot, and Independent Retailer. In addition, Jeff has conducted live full-day strategic email certification classes with marketers from AT&T to Yamaha at the ESP User Conferences, Email Summits, and regional workshops. Jeff holds a B.S. in Sports Management from Springfield College, and an MBA from Anna Maria College. Springfield College’s deep-seated humanics philosophy helped hone Jeff’s aptitude for teamwork and service.

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