PODCAST: Mobile Optimization Strategies

Marketing Tech Talk #6

Optimize Your Digital Channels for the Mobile Moment

As marketing technologists and as users of mobile devices, we are well aware of how integral smartphones and tablets are to our daily lives. Yet the “2013 State of Email Mobile-Friendliness” reported that only 12% of B2C brands use responsive email design, and a mere 10% use mobile-aware design. How can this be? Today’s 33-minute podcast will discuss mobile optimization strategies to increase a firm’s Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) and the impact of mobile devices on digital communication stalwarts – email and SMS.  Listen as we seek answers to the following question:

“What can I do to make sure my brand’s messages are communicated on the channels my customers favor, and are received on their preferred devices?”

Email Monday’s Jordie van Rijn shares his email expertise

To help us answer that question, we have special guest Jordie van Rijn of Email Monday. This show highlights his 10+ years of experience guiding a variety of clients ranging in business verticals from financial and retail, to software and travel. Jordie encourages brand marketers to take responsibility of their communications to ensure they fit the receiver’s expectations. In this program, we explore consumer channel preferences, segmentation, and message structure.

  • Channel Preferences <5:48>

  • Segmentation <14:55>

  • Message Structure to earn micro-yeses <17:03>

Listen to or download the entire interview now. This podcast is 33 minutes long- perfect for the morning or evening commute!

Guest: Jordie van Rijn, Email Marketing Consultant

Jordie van Rijn has over 13 years of hands-on experience as an independent email-marketing consultant with his company Email Monday. A passionate digital marketer, he blogs, speaks at conferences, and consults with clients on the subject of email marketing. He is the founder of EmailVendorselection.com, a site specifically designed to aid organizations in finding the email service provider that meets their individual requirements. Furthermore, van Rijn is the author of the book “Email Marketing in 60 Minutes” and the “Marketing Automation Best Practice” guide.

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