PRESS RELEASE: Brick Street Software Unveils New Version of CONNECT

Multichannel Messaging Platform Delivers Enhanced Mobile App Push Capabilities to Strengthen Customer Relationships

Salem, NH USA -February 14, 2013

Brick Street Software announced today the availability of CONNECT 10r5.1, the latest version for both cloud-based and on-premise multichannel messaging platforms. This solution provides enterprise and mid-sized companies the opportunity to engage with customers at the right time using their preferred communication channel, whether it is mobile push, email, SMS, voice, or fax, from a single, integrated platform.

The newest release now provides mobile app messaging services (Android and iOS), which when combined with CONNECT’s existing capabilities enables organizations to send integrated multichannel drip, event triggered, or re-engagement marketing campaigns from one scalable and customizable solution. This platform also permits organizations to shift their focus from individual tactic metrics to overall engagement metrics -uncovering the total amount of time a person actively spends with the brand.

The CONNECT 10r5.1 user experience is now simplified. The flexibility to create complex campaigns remains, yet the number of entries required to send a message has been reduced by 80 percent in some cases, saving marketers valuable time and effort. In addition, with the cloud-based solution, users immediately gain access to enhanced functionality and improved user interface.

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“We are committed to evolving the overall scope of our messaging capabilities to provide organizations with the tools they need to conduct increasingly multifaceted marketing campaigns to audiences whose communication channels are fragmented,” said Chris Maeda, President & CEO of Brick Street Software. “The architecture is scalable and built to quickly adopt the latest cutting-edge communication channels. This allows organizations to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace while at the same time reducing marketing and IT costs.”

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