WHITEPAPER: Multichannel Marketing, why and how it rules the marketing world

Summary:  According to Forrester’s “The Multichannel Maturity Mandate,” 39% of marketers agree with the statement:

“We lose business because we are not able to integrate customer interactions across all channels.” 

To help you navigate your way to the most effective multichannel marketing program, we’ve created this whitepaper to help you understand how multichannel marketing has evolved and how it can transform your marketing program and your entire messaging outlook.

The 14-page report provides answers to the following questions:

  • What do I really need to know about multichannel marketing and the tactics and technology I need to make it work effectively? Pg. 4
  • What are my greatest challenges in moving from a single message base to a multichannel approach? Pg. 6

Whitepaper: Multichannel Marketing, Why and how it rules the marketing world

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Multichannel marketing Q&A

What do i need to create an effective multichannel marketing program?

A typical multichannel marketing program has at least two of these elements:

  • Email newsletter – consisting of current offers, news, updates for account holders and links to contact information or customer support.
  • Text messaging – ideal for short-term offers, flash sales or account alerts.
  • Mobile app – enables your customers to access their accounts from their smartphones or tablets and receive news, and offers and alerts.
  • Voice messages – call your customer’s phone with an alert or confirmation.
  • Facebook page or other social media – (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) perfect for encouraging customers to interact with your company or brand and provides fun or useful information that they could share with their friends.

What can multichannel marketing do for me?

Multichannel marketing campaigns allow you to take advantage of all the ways you can engage with your customers.

Done poorly, a multichannel campaign can alienate customers by bombarding them with emails, text messages, and social network notifications.

Done well, a multichannel campaign can smoothly maintain customer engagement over multiple devices and channels.

Customers control when and how your messages are viewed. So, multichannel marketing is essential to interact with customers when they want and how they want.

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