PODCAST: How to Create Coveted Content

Marketing Tech Talk #3 Conversation with an Editor-in-Chief on Creating Coveted Content Paul Gillin, author of “The New Influencers,” talks about the tectonic shifts that are taking place in the media world, changes that he believes will ultimately destroy 95% of American major metropolitan newspapers. David Meerman Scott, author of the “New Rules of Marketing & […]

PODCAST: Can Marketing and IT work together successfully?

Marketing Tech Talk #2 7 deadly sins to avoid to ensure Marketing and IT work together well Mirror, Mirror on the wall, is it difficult to work with Marketing Professionals? Yes! A study from MarketingSherpa found that in comparison to other professionals, marketers were: 53% more controlling 19% more open to change 36% more focused on […]

PODCAST: Confessions from a “Storytelling Data Geek”

As marketing professionals, we are all “Storytelling Data Geeks.” Marketing technology and consumer data are at the center of an organization’s storytelling strategy to build and maintain customer relationships. Unfortunately, Forrester’s “The CMO and CIO Must Accelerate on Their Path to Better Collaboration” report found that less than half of marketers surveyed (45%) said their […]

It’s not too late to change your holiday email campaign

Ebenezer Scrooge is the principal character in Charles Dickens’ classic 1843 novel, “A Christmas Carol.” Readers quickly learn that Scrooge is a greedy, penny-pinching and selfish man. He despises anything that is joyful or gives his neighbors happiness, especially Christmas. In the story, Scrooge remarks: “Christmas is a poor excuse every 25th of December to pick […]

Six ways to make crowd connections like Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder

Last month I saw Pearl Jam perform on their North American tour promoting their latest album, Lightning Bolt. I left both shows (yes, I went on back-to-back nights) with admiration for the way in which their lead singer, Eddie Vedder, made a connection with the 13,000 fans in attendance each night. In the spirit of […]

EMAIL WHITEPAPER: Make a splash with every message, even the mundane

Summary:   Did you know that a survey by Millward Brown Digital of more than 1,500 mobile device users in eight countries found mobile consumers feel like this? 68% of respondents find push and text messages to be valuable 88% believe they should have an option to opt-in to communications 80% of worldwide mobile app users […]