VIDEO: Webinar Replay: 3 steps to increase website conversion rates

How many times have you asked yourself silently or even aloud in a fit of frustration “How do I create a website that consistently converts?” Our Director of Marketing, Jeff Rice answered this question during the webinar “The role of your website in your marketing strategy” on May 16, 2013 hosted by Kakushin, a member of the Fleming Group.

Jeff’s 22-minute presentation titled, “3 steps to increase website conversion rates,” examines the state of content marketing and discusses ways to increase website conversion rates through customer profiling, funnel optimization, and content development.

The content of this webinar garners from the Rice’s eclectic mix of marketing experience with sports, manufacturing and marketing research firms, plus lessons learned from working at Brick Street with three of the five largest global financial institutions.

As he shares the steps taken to develop a website content strategy, Rice reveals the challenges marketers face in developing original content and finding efficiencies in their marketing and sales funnel. Jeff shares tips for customer profiling, funnel optimization, and content development that enable organizations to increase conversion rates and drive revenue.

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