Brick Street Connect 10R5

We’ve been busy. For the past three years we’ve been rewriting our UI from scratch (in Grails and JQuery) and we’ve been re-architecting the Connect platform to support messaging on any channel you can imagine. The new UI greatly reduces the number of screens required to complete each task, and improves key areas like campaign result reporting and how messaging plans are displayed.

Connect’s new messaging architecture is in response to the proliferation of ways to communicate: email, SMS, mobile push notification, social networks, voice, fax, etc. We redesigned the Connect platform around pluggable Delivery Channels, and then we built a delivery channel plugin for each of these communication technologies. The result is a modern customer messaging system that allows you to coordinate campaigns across email, SMS, and mobile app users.
We’re very excited about the changes we’ve made to Brick Street Connect and we’ll be telling you more about them here over the next few weeks.

-Chris Maeda

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