Key CONNECT Features that Solve Multichannel Marketing Challenges

In my last blog post, I promised to show you how CONNECT, our messaging software, solves multichannel marketing challenges like those facing one of our clients, a global financial-services corporation. I’ll focus on six of CONNECT’S features that address the issues that many companies face as they move their messaging programs into multiple new channels. […]

CASE STUDY: How a Global Financial Leader Solved the Multichannel Marketing Challenge

You already know what multichannel marketing can do for your company (and if you aren’t sure, read this). You’ve likely also experienced the challenges that managing multiple channels can bring (more on those here). So, why do some companies excel at communicating with prospects, customers and other stakeholders while others struggle? Many factors go into […]

VIDEO: Webinar Replay: 3 steps to increase website conversion rates

How many times have you asked yourself silently or even aloud in a fit of frustration “How do I create a website that consistently converts?” Our Director of Marketing, Jeff Rice answered this question during the webinar “The role of your website in your marketing strategy” on May 16, 2013 hosted by Kakushin, a member […]

What Multichannel Marketing Can Do for Your Company

Multichannel marketing campaigns allow you to take advantage of all the ways you can engage with your customers. Done poorly, a multichannel campaign can alienate customers by bombarding them with emails, text messages, and social network notifications. Done well, a multichannel campaign can smoothly maintain customer engagement over multiple devices and channels. For example, a […]

Multichannel Marketing: It Rules the Marketing World

At Brick Street Software we’re sold on multichannel marketing. What’s multichannel marketing? In our view, “multichannel marketing” refers both to building an integrated messaging campaign and to strategies aimed at maximizing a marketing channel’s value, whether individually or in combination with other channels.  An effective multichannel marketing program allows you to concentrate holistically on your […]

Brick Street Connect 10R5

We’ve been busy. For the past three years we’ve been rewriting our UI from scratch (in Grails and JQuery) and we’ve been re-architecting the Connect platform to support messaging on any channel you can imagine. The new UI greatly reduces the number of screens required to complete each task, and improves key areas like campaign […]